Sales Services

The No.1 Buyer Membership in China

HARDcANDY has always been seeking for different ways to reward the best clients. To reward the top clients, and provide more all-round convenient and professional service, we specially launch the Asian platform buyer member as the new treat.

Become our buyer member, you will enjoy

  • First hand new product release information and ordering notification from thousands of trendy brands from around the world such as Paris, London, New York, Milan, Copenhagen, Australia, Japan and Korea, etc.
  • Grade incremental ordering discount.
  • New product previews only for VIP.
  • Brand recommendation and screened recommendation from over a hundred popular buyer shops around the world.
  • All-round integrated consulting and execution service from recommendation, selection, ordering, logistics to customer service.
  • Industry information sharing, trend statistics recommendation.
  • Private member salon.
  • Exchange and cooperation with top figures in the industry.
  • Face-to-face exchange events with world top and new designers and brand core teams.

Our professional buyer member plan has three rewarding member grades. According to the total accumulative ordering amount, they are successively Planet Card, Duke Card and Queen Card members.

Who will become our members?

Multi-brand collective shops + buyer shops + malls + department stores + boutiques + online shops + individual buyers.

What products can you get?

Women’s clothing + men’s clothing + shoes and bags + accessories + The most HIT international brands + luxury brands + designer brands + trendy brands + mainly Western markets

Our advantage is we have a huge amount of new designer brands based in London, Paris and Northern Europe, these young brands represent the future, and have rich product and design values.

HARDcANDY strives to create the first and biggest, and the most systematic buyer member platform in China. Join us now. Win the future from learning the buyer system, professional buyer knowledge and brand information through the buyer system. Become the leader of a new trend!

Our Sales Services

  • Multi-brand showroom environment with an in-house approach to managing our sales agency brands.
  • Building a strong retail contacts internationally
  • Showroom in Shanghai traffic buying appointments four seasons per year with the most influential department stores, multi-label stores and independents globally.
  • Full management of sample collections, shipping and handling when at market.
  • Expert management in balancing brand integrity and reputation alongside building sales growth and a volume business.
  • We advise and assist in all elements of our brands wholesales needs, including logistical, warehousing, range planning, price structuring and brand positioning.
  • Brand consultancy and product development.
  • We work to develop our brands identity with appropriate licensing deals and collaborations to build their global outreach and presence.
  • Online showroom will be launched 2014 to support sales from a innovative and multifaceted digital platform.
  • Integrate and work with local stockist on creating an effective marketing, PR and consumer campaign that is tailor to the Chinese consumer. We can provide our suggestion based on the brand’s need and budget. This can include monthly newsletter in Mandarin or local sales event as well as pop up store or attending trade shows.
  • Keeping true to the brands aesthetic, our team will make sure that all goods and visual merchandising of your brands in any multi-brand store is appropriate and with very high standards.
  • Educating and training the local stockist on trends, designer history, product knowledge to ensure a proper representation of the brand, which is extremely beneficial to increase sales.
  • Sales and statistic reports can be produce monthly, quarterly or annually.