W by WenJun

About Designer

Wenjun, a sensitive, strong, simple and exquisite girl. From childhood, my passion for art seemed rooted from instinct. Life to me is an adventure out of keen curiosity. Fashion to me should be a true reflection of your face, your heart and your smile. It is something driven from your mind, leaving no room for artificial endorsement. Letting the ideas flow naturally is the way I create art, a dialogue with life and my interpretation of fashion.

Brand Story

Passionate for arts and fashion from childhood, Wenjun graduated from the Guangzhou Academy of Fine Arts in June 2007, then she came to Paris in september in the same year to study fashion design. After graduated in STUDIO BERÇOT in June 2010, she worked in Paris, then in NewYork. She gains experiences in several international well-known brands such as KENZO, VALENTINO, GIVENCHY. Wenjun begin to work for her own brand in 2012, and the brand <W by WenJun> was officially founded in 2013.
For Wenjun, fashion and arts cannot be separated; fashion is a practical Art which can bring convenience and joy to our daily life.
Her inspiration comes from the perception of life experience. The French minimalist elegance deeply touched her heart; the strong, confident attitude fascinates her; She is in love with busy cities, but also intoxicated by the hermit-like leisurely tranquility life. She believes that balance is the most beautiful. Clothes alone to her is not an total art, but when we are in the clothes and we look perfect, this is a wonderful art!




2015 SS