Who We Are

Keen on Global Market

HARDcANDY is a next generation fashion company dedicated to the creation of exceptional fashion, luxury and lifestyle communications for a global audience, which origin in London UK and focus on Chinese fashion market. It is a worldwide complex and multichannel creative full service company based in Shanghai China and London UK. We provide premier service to all aspects of brand communications, including PR, sales, advertising, fashion events, agency and etc.

Eastern and western audiences are very different in the way they receive understanding and respond to information and ideas. To promote the brand image to eastern and western audiences from different cultural backgrounds requires a different approach. So when most companies expand into global markets, they need agencies to bridge the domestic and overseas markets. To grasp these differences in communication is vital; hence it’s valuable and meaningful to do a professional cross-cultural exchange for our clients.

HARDcANDY was set up with the intention to build a creative bridge between Europe and China. As Asian native, HARDcANDY has an in-depth understanding of this exciting and rapidly expanding market. Providing an opportunity for both European and local brands to explore and break into the vast China and the wider Asian market but help to build a solid brand presence with the right language and strategy. In the meantime, we also help Chinese young designer present their talent in Europe, for example attend The Big Four Fashion Week each season and other trade shows.

HARDcANDY concentrates on globalization, sustainability and green fashion. We realized that building a close and honest relationship between the brand and consumers is significant. HARDcANDY is your trustworthy partner wants to accompany your development.

Let HARDcANDY be part of your future projects.

What We Do

HARDcANDY is an International strategic fashion sales and communications company with global outreach. As a company, we offer clients an in-house, bespoke and comprehensive form of representation. HARDcANDY's business model is an interesting mix between a multi-brand showroom, a logistics and distribution center and a multi-service marketing company, grouping together various managerial skills concentrating on flexibility and the ability to provide services on demand.

When managing sales and PR communications we provide a tailored, personalized service, assisting our clients in building a strong, coherent and creative brand with international identity. HARDcANDY not only gives brands the chance to access the most important stores in the market but also contributes to the organizational expansion of the brand.

Operating multi-brand showrooms and PR communications in two main fashion cities Shanghai and London, as well as thru temporary pop up showrooms across the most relevant local markets. We work collectively with clients to establish a creative brand identity, seeking to drive global awareness and, as a result, sales.

Permanent showroom opening through the year for press and buying appointments
Buying orders; OEM; Collaborations; Consignment; we provide all possible business opportunities
We show the latest collection and introduce to the press, stylists and artists, through their fashion influence and voice to drive brand promotion; PR for event; and sample management
We regularly organize workshop for fashion professionals to exchange ideas
Fashion Events
London Fashion Week, Paris Fashion Week, Milan Fashion Week, New York Fashion Week, China Fashion Week(Beijing), Shanghai Fashion Week, etc., we introduce designer brands to participate in global fashion weeks and events
Trade Shows
Regularly attending trade shows such as Shanghai MODE International Trade Show, Shanghai textile and garment exhibition, FDC Shanghai Fashion Order, Young blood China, etc., showing in the form of showrooms to local buyers and consumers.